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You are about to be a part of an adventure of the Dark Age. Follow Rick in his damned path of vengeance and help him to redeem his soul. 

The life of your beloved is in danger. Hurry up and make a wise choice. Along the way complete challenging platforming levels and upgrade your powers. 

• Vivid pixel art design
• 30 levels of hardcore platforming
• 5 levels of rush
• Upgrade your powers
• A breathtaking story 
• Well-rewarded Achievements
• Original music and handcrafted soundtracks
• Multiple pathings 

Unfold the story by reading dialogs and finding crucial items on the levels. Items are key to the puzzle of the story. There are a variety of obstacles for you that can be destroyed
with the help of power. Castle has 3 floors with its set of enemies and obstacles. Find a key to defeat each enemy. Explore the castle and find all of the hidden chests!

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